1.We deliver all 365 days of the year (including Sundays and public holidays).We have also Mid night delivery service with extra charges .

2.We guarantee on the given date of  delivery but do not commit any fix time for delivery. Deliveries will be made between 7 am to 8 pm IST on the given date. However, we do try our best to fulfill your delivery instructions.

3.All item are always hand delivered along with a free card for your message.

4.We do not promise to refund the money in case requested time could not be maintained and delivery happens on requested date. We will refund the amount only on the Time delivery charges if so you have paid Extra.

5.Please note that the packing and forwarding charges upto shipment have been included in the products price band.

6.Delivery date should be chosen as per the available productwise dates in the website. Orders should preferably be placed well in advance of the delivery date.

7.Correct Address with ZIP Code and correct phone number of the recipient is a must. We shall not be responsible for failure of delivery due to wrong information provided to us.

8.Delivery will not be redirected/ redelivered to any other address. We will attempt delivery of the items only once. In case the delivery is not executed during the attempt, the customer shall still be charged for the order and no redelivery may be possible. For re-delivery with extra delivery charge, please contact us.

9.Deliveries are subjected to approval and confirmation of customer’s credit card. In case customer fails to pay for a delivery duly made, the payment may be taken from the recipient after due notice to customer. Any attempted or failed delivery due to wrong address may be charged.

10.In case of floods/ Heavy Rains/Bandh we reserve the right to reschedule the delivery for another date.

11.Delivery Status of an order can be given only on mail and not on phone.


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